Private 1:1 Mentorship for incoming engineers

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Hi ! My name is Tim and I am the CTO of, a YCombinator company.

I have been mentoring motivated engineers like you for the past 10 years and I have 15 years of experience in course design, education and coaching.

I know the tech world post-graduation and bootcamp completion is confusing.

No more ! In this private mentorship session, my goal is to help find the motivation and focus you need to land that first job.

This is very much your time, so please come prepared with questions and topics

A sample of what can be done:

  • resume review
  • linkedin outreach review
  • technical and behaviour mock interview on the topic of your choice
  • study guide design
  • motivation and healthy habits
  • mental health

and so much more !

You will also get access to my discord community with a custom role for priority responses for any question you might have.

I want this!

A invitation to schedule your private session + exclusive access to future paid material !

Custom education and mentorship on any part of the tech stack
15+ years of experience in course design and community building
An exclusive role in our discord
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Private 1:1 Mentorship for incoming engineers

0 ratings
I want this!